Brother Madonna spoke about juicy details of her life

Brother Madonna spoke about juicy details of her lifeFew know about Christopher Ciccone, but in conjunction, "brother of pop diva Madonna's his name acquires a significant amount of weight.Tuesday will go on sale in book 47-year-old Ciccone Life with my sister Madonna," in which the author tells about juicy details of a star's life.About Madonna not just lazy writing, but only her brother could tell the real story about the life of a star, destroying all the myths built more than ten years, writes Mail Online.Christopher and Madonna Louise grew up together in Michigan and together learned the basics of dance. When Madonna went to new York for wealth and fame, the younger brother followed her.From early childhood, for many years, on his way to becoming icons of pop music, Christopher was unchanged Trustee Madonna and my shoulder to cry on. He was her personal assistant and dresser, its artistic Director and organizer of the tour.What is called "uncut" Ciccone says in his memoirs about how the singer really loves her husband guy Ritchie, but not as much as my career and myself. "I hope that the lessons of the Kabbalah taught her to understand that she is not the center of the Universe," writes Christopher Ciccone.According to the brother of Madonna, the singer and her husband love each other, despite the constant rumors about their breakup. He hoped that they "passionately attached to each other" through the power of the teachings of Kabbalah.Memoirs Ciccone contain numerous rumors about the personal life of the singer (she allegedly lost her virginity with a guy named Russell"), and jokes about her men, including Sean Penne, (which Madonna called "paranoid freak"), and Warren beauty.The book also shows pictures of Bruce Willis, primaryuser with other women during his marriage to demi Moore, and Ciccone dancing with Moore at the club, and Madonna kissing on the lips with Gwyneth Paltrow in the new year night between Ciccone and Richie came the scandal.Christopher writes that witness the scene were visitors private party in one of night clubs Miami Bar Room: "Madonna stuck her tongue deep into the throat Paltrow after the couple has performed unequivocal dance on the table". Ciccone writes that the intervention Richie in the case of the singer was "the death knell" for the relationship of brother and sister.A spokeswoman Madonna, Liz Rosenberg, did not comment on the news of the release of the biography of the singer. Читать полностью -->

Whitney Houston sang for Nazarbayev their best songs

Whitney Houston sang for Nazarbayev their best songsInternational superstar Whitney Houston flew to the capital of Kazakhstan, to congratulate Nazarbayev on his birthday.To scene 45 year old singer arrived in a luxury limousine, followed escaped her guards. Just the superstar of the film "the Bodyguard" was accompanied by 40 security.- I'm a little cold, " said Whitney, wrapped in a luxurious mink coat as soon as the applause subsided. "I want to congratulate President Nazarbayev on his birthday!As a gift Houston performed for 68 year old birthday boy and his guests three songs. Including the smash-hit Marilyn Monroe "Dear Mr. President!" Source: Whitney Houston sang for Nazarbayev their best songs. . Читать полностью -->

Chumakov hides relationship with Kovalchuk

Chumakov hides relationship with KovalchukThe presentation of the new album Ruslan Alehno brightened Alexey Chumakov and Julia Kovalchuk, who suddenly all appeared together. Throughout the night, they, still, sweet talked and smiled at each other.Alexey says that with Julia he has exceptionally friendly feelings."We met on the TV channel "Russia" "ice Dancing" and since then became friends, " says Alex. - I am pleased to have such friends like Julia Kovalchuk, plus it is charming funny girl.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Zavorotnyuk and Chernyshev want to adopt a child

Zavorotnyuk and Chernyshev want to adopt a childNewly-made husband of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk figure skater Peter Tchernyshev has long dreamed of a child. And, as it turned out, "the nanny" is also not against another child in the family.Recall that Nastia already has two children - 11-year-old Anya and 6-year-old Michael, from his first marriage with businessman Dmitry Strukova. But Peter Chernyshev children yet. Newlyweds when discussing the issue of procreation came to an unexpected twist - they suddenly started talking about adopting a kid from the orphanage.We asked Anastasia Zavorotniuk how serious her intentions.- I have long wanted to take the child from the orphanage. We went there almost every day. Even daughter Anna went with me. Читать полностью -->

Ronnie wood again hooked on vodka

Ronnie wood again hooked on vodkaTired of endless rumors, the wife of Ronnie wood, Joe decided to spit on her shiftless husband: she is convinced that the guitarist broke and again hooked on vodka.A month has not passed yet since the musician returned from a rehab clinic, and he went "porosity" with his pals, a professional pool player Ronnie O Sullivan and actor Damien Hirst, writes The Sun."To say that she suspects him of alcoholism is nothing to say, said one of the relatives of Joe wood. - Actually she is never surprised. He returned from the clinic after 6 weeks of treatment for alcohol dependence, but his family sure he continues to drink vodka. And Joe knows this better than anyone else. She instinctively feels when Ronnie drinks".However friends "rolling" I assure you that that night, when they recovered in a London restaurant Gordon Ramsay-s Claridge, Ronnie even a drop was taken. As told in an interview to a tabloid, one of prishedshih to a friendly meeting, the guitarist just had lunch with his buddies and drank only a Cup of coffee."Ron played Billiards, ate rolls of bacon with egg and drank some coffee." He's thrice-weekly visits to your counselor from rehab . Читать полностью -->

Alexander Panayotov accused of a crime

Alexander Panayotov accused of a crimeAlexander Panayotov was recently shocked by the news that he is guilty in the death of one of the fans.The fact that the actor has become the latest victim of madness fans. There are many cases when young girls stalking his idol, threaten, or attempt to commit suicide.So, in one of the social networks, in forum artist of a young man accused Alexander Panayotov in ruined the life of his girlfriend. A girl a few months sought a meeting with the artist, but, and without waiting for reciprocity, attempted suicide and is now in intensive care.Alexander Panayotov believes such messages inventiveness of people who at the expense of the artist you want to satisfy your own unhealthy ambitions or to attract attention."On the Internet I have a few forums where I only communicate with their friends and acquaintances, - commented Alexander. - Different kind of threat, provocation, and even more, the charges I do not react. Why? Most importantly, I know that's not my fault if someone is having problems with the psyche". Source: Alexander Panayotov accused of a crime. Читать полностью -->

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